Jan 172013
Security Guard

Security Guard

South Florida Police are on the hunt for two male suspects who robbed a Brink’s Security Guard who was delivering cash to a local Space Coast Credit Union in Sunrise Today.

After approaching the armed security guard he was forced to the ground by two men who then demanded the cash all while trying to retrieve his gun. After taking the cash the two men fled to awaiting vehicle. The calm, cool and well trained security guard immediately drew his weapon and opened fire on the suspects and their vehicle.

Police reports are indicating that the security guard did in fact strike the vehicle several times, and also may have shot one of the suspects

It is to be noted that, this Brink’s Security Guard did in fact follow protocol to the point where he compiled with the suspects demand and did not play hero…when the opportunity presented itself he quickly opened fire striking his mark.

Great job sir!!!

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Bill Ferrell

Bill Ferrell III, President & CEO of ASI Consultants & Associates is responsible for the growth, vision, leadership and the forward progress of his Security Training company as it spans across nationally and internationally. Mr. Ferrell brings more than twenty-seven (27) years of real world experience in law enforcement, security protection and Training. http://www.asiteam.net/
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